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    Monday, July 11, 2005
    Malaysian own fake prophet
    Two fake prophet has been taken the action by our own Islamic body. These fake prophet claimed that they can give their followers kingdom of heaven.

    In Islam, there's no more prophet after Muhammad. It is written in in Hadis and Al-Quran. These fake prophet keep adding new things to their teaching and obviously that is not in Islam teaching. Before this, a group called Al-Arqam was banned by the government of Malaysia. With similar reason,the leader of Al-Arqam was sent to prison without any court hearing (ISA). ISA is Internal Security Act that can be used to put anybody into the prison without a trial.

    The different issue but similar is Al-Arqam leader wanted to be the next prime minister of Malaysia therefore the government ordered to catch him using ISA. Why can't the government take the same action regarding these fake prophet? Because they never wanted to be the next prime minister of Malaysia? I dont know to the time i wrote this post.

    ISA is for detaining a person or a group that the Malaysian government feels as a treat to the country. If the government can take the same action regarding Al-Arqam, why can't the government put an ISA tag on these fake prophet? I waiting for a concrete reason why these fake prophet still not held under ISA.

    Forums and chatrroms keep highlighting this issue and some of the comments make sense to me. I strongly hope that our Islamic Department and the goverment can take this issue seriously. The issue of religion is far more important in my opinion. Come on, if you can bring down Al-Arqam, why can you held these fake prophet under ISA?

    Will these fake prophet run free? That is not my decision to make. I do hope the Syariah Court will rull out a strong case and keeping these fake prophet behind bars.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 6:25 PM  
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