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    Friday, July 08, 2005
    London Underground Bomb
    The celebration of becoming the next Olympic Game is on hold. Several explosion in London underground tube system and a bus holds the celebration. The explosion rocks the G8 meeting and demanding Blair to head home to examine to situation. Blair was at the G8 meeting when the explosion happened.

    The London underground tube explosion killed 37 people and injured thounsands more. Blair told the media that these explosions was made by terrorist and action have been taken to secure the safety. Underground tubes and public transportation are closed for public until it is safe. The explosion was said to blast at the peak hour in the morning.

    Due to the explosion, Paris has taken the red alert and tight security action has been taken. Several countries also have set their security signal from orange to red. Some media said that the explosion was an Al-Qaeeda-type bombing. A group was said to be a branch of Al-Qaeeda in Europe was behind the explosions. This was never been confirmed by Scotland Yard until this post was written.

    The explosion also sending the stocks in London to a lower value. Buyers was helding their wallet for "wait-and-see" closure. Some analysts said that the economy of UK might be the same faith with the 9/11 event. Bouncing back on track should be "tight" for Blair. Blair have been spending big money for their war on Iraq and these explosions seems to hold back their economy. Their economy was on "shake" when facing with the world oil price. Some analysts said that the oil will skyrockets to $65 per barrel.

    For Malaysian students or citizen, please contact our embassy at 020-7985 1262 ( 24 hours hotline ) or directly go to:
    Sekretariat Kecemasan
    Jabatan Penuntut Malaysia
    Dewan Malaysia London
    30-34 Queensborough Terrace
    London W2

    Or your can go to their website for more info.
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