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    Wednesday, July 20, 2005
    Wow...this morning im in total shock. Haven't look at my counter for weeks but today my counter hits the 9,500! For a new guy, that is "big". I got many readers from home and like to say thank you for your visit. Maybe i should give a special gift after the 10,000 hits.

    I got many offline Yahoo Message asking about the meaning of "jamloceng" and why there are many typos and grammar mistakes. Ok, jam is a clock and loceng is a bell. If you put is together, that would be "clock bell"? No, the correct word is "alarm clock". Why alarm clock? Easy, i like to provoc my readers with new ideas and concepts. It's like a wake-up call in the morning. You can give your friend an alarm clock as a gift tho.....give them my URL LOL.

    For the second question, i'm into the free-English. You know, Bob Marley style. For me the most important thing in commucation is the message. Doesn't matter is you use broken English as long as the meesage is "there".

    Anybody wanna giva me a nice gift?

    Talk about gift, now you can get any sort of gifts from internet. No need to go to the gift shops anymore. Using internet you can buy gifts or even make your own online gift shop.
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