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    Wednesday, July 20, 2005
    Home studio
    If you often wrote songs, you might want to record it. Setup your own studio at home is fairly easy. Most new artist record their own stuff using their home studio and start making song in bedroom. Today i want to share my experience on how to create your own home studio.

    A powerful computer with fast memory is a good start. The faster, the better. Your computer will be the terminal to collect sound and convert it to any audio format. Home studio terminal must have a good hardware too like USB and a good sound card.

    In order to record the sound and convert it to other audio format, you need software(s). Cakewalk, Pro Tools to name few is the big brand in home studio users. Both can record your audio using "track-by-track" or if you prefer "collected" audio, that also can be done easily. It is better for you to use the "track-by-track" recording. This is for easy editing and mixing in the future. I strongly urge you to safe the tracks in different backups ( CDR or other method ). Cakewalk is my choice for home studio and so should you.

    For home studio it is wise to use the best hardware. Get the best sound card such as Turtle Beach with multiple sorround channel. This sound card is the best in my honest opinion and a "must" for all level of hone studio users. USB port is a must to plug-in your guitar or any instruments, so make sure you are using the latest USB technology for the best sound. For guitar, you can invest in Line6 products. Many top guitarist uses Line6 product line so why wait?

    Fast pc memory is vital so get your hand on the best memory in the market. A good memory for high-end home studio is Corsair and Kingston.

    Proccesor is another component that is important in the making of home studio. Pentium or AMD, it's up to you but Pentium is more suitable for your home studio. Make sure your motherboard supports the processor you bought.

    Speaker such as Altec and JBL are the main brand for home studio user.Altec product range is so great, it is foolish for NOT to use it. Altec speakers can produce great sound and that is important while in the editing and mixing stage. Altec also produce nice headphones for you to try. Another great brand in speaker is JBL. JBL has been in the market for years and considered as the best in the world.

    So, you already got all the things above and off to your home studio you said? No, you are wrong. What good is a home studio without a good set of microphones? How can you record your songs without a mic? "I can use my small and cheap computer mic" you said...wrong again! A good mic can pick-up even the lowest sound in your home studio. "What good is that low sound?" That low sound (ambient) can make your sound quality sounds like it was made in a professional recorsing studio. You can mix and edit that sound with different track of layer.

    I hope this short tips can guide you in making your own home studio. Time for me to take my lunch...mee rebus satu....kuah kasi lebih!
    posted by Jamloceng @ 2:12 PM  
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