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    Monday, July 11, 2005
    Breast and penis enlargement.
    "You can enlarge your penis in 2 weeks". "Breast enlargement pills works wonder"...and so on. My inbox are full of these penis and breast enlargement things. Can it really be done? I don't know.

    So why does people want to enlarge their penis? For more pleasure? What is wrong with "Asian" size? These adds keep saying that the bigger the better. How big IS big? And how small IS small? They kept saying that men in Asia suffers from small penis. Don't know about you but, Asian men are for Asian girls so that kinda "fits" the story.

    Sexual oriented bussiness is growing nowdays. Company selling pills claiming it can enlarge your penis to 9" and some selling a "magic" oil that can also make your "member" bigger. Penis and breast enlargement bussiness generates millions per year and no wonder they decided to go online. Many company claims that with 5 minutes work-out can make your "member" bigger and stronger and they sell their programme at high price. Some, they sell eBook format to give you the instruction on "how-to's".

    In Malaysia sexual oriented bussiness can be seen on the street even in newspapers. Traditional medicine are sold in open to enlarge your "member". These medicine are not registered with the Health Ministry and the contents are questionable. Reports even published to the public about the danger on unregistered traditional medicine.

    Different methods are used to make your penis big. Plastic surgery are common for people with fat wallet. Imagine getting your "one and only" sliced and poked with needles. For me, im not gonna take that risk just to make my "member" bigger. Then come the "pulling tool". This penis enlargement tools are said to make your penis bigger and better.

    Im wondering, if i take some penis enlargement pills, will it make my nose bigger too? How can the pills make sure it's targeting the right "part"? Stop spamming me with penis enlargement adds. Why must we fix something that is not broken? Stupid spambot. Once i received an email from myself containing penis and breast enlargement....stupid spambot.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 4:06 PM  
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