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    Monday, July 18, 2005
    Bath time
    Every Sunday is "hell" for my cats.....bath time. As we know, cat hates water but the funny thing is, they love to sleep beside watery places ( longkang, lopak air etc ). Back to my story.

    8.00 am
    Standing behind the door looking for my cats. Saw Ombak,Acheh and Tembang killing a small lizard. They pick it up and threw that poor lizard.

    8.15 am
    Preparing their towels and shampoo. Nail-clippers and combs. Took a quick look at them, still playing with that lizard. Wait a sec, now there's two lizards. Why cant they play a ball or something like any typical house cats?

    8.30 am
    Pour some warm water to make sure the water not too cold for them. Operation "Six-Packs" just started. Took out my secret weapon....the FISH. Placed it right about the door.

    8.35 am
    They caught the bait. Acheh is the first to take a bath. As usual, screaming and pounding at stake. Need to pull out my other secret weapon, the CLAW.

    8.40 am
    Acheh is done. Tembang is next. Tembang is a 3 years old big cat. A big smack on my face was fired by Tembang. Playing rough problem. Tembang havent in the bath for 2 weeks and he smells like a...errr...dirty cat?

    9.00 am
    Ombak is a good cat. He just let me bath him without any bitting on my hand. Kekeke....before the bath;fluffy...after the bath;flat.

    10.00 am
    The warning siren was out and now i cant find the rest of the pack. im sure one of the "clean" cat gave out the warning. Ermm...need a Plan B.

    10.15 am
    Still no sign of the remaining pack. Maybe they tranformed into an old chair or something. I give up....cant wait any longer...MI is on next.

    You can run but you cant hide from me. Errr....i think they are hidding pretty well LOL.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 5:48 PM  
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