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    Tuesday, July 19, 2005
    Adsense income
    Zillions of website offering the "hidden weapon" to gain income from Adsense. Some even publish "how-to" manuals with a high price tag. Some even offer monthly fee to get their latest "service". After several months of observing about human behaviour while looking at websites, i have come with couple of tips. These tips is not a guarantee to boost your Adsense income to $500 per day.

    Eye mapping.
    This is one of the most important issue while creating your Adsense. Studies has made big impact towards website making. You should place your Adsense where the eyes stick the most. Play around with the position of your Adsense. Use different colours and places. To go into depth, please visit this great site about eye mapping. If you can make your website layout according to the study,chances are your Adsense will get more attention.

    Please use your Adsense Channel. This is an easy way to monitor what page produces to most interest. Use Adsense Channel for each pages in your website. After doing that,leave it for a week or two to collect the data. Study your channels to point out which page(s) produced the most interest. What was the page(s) about? If it is about "Adsense ebook", the next article or page, you can concentrate about "Adsense ebook" more.

    Try to make a good contents. We don't want our viewers to walk away without reading your contents. Use some good punch line like "Tsunami in Chicago?" or "Get free mp3 player" or "French Food at home". Get wild with the punch line. Watch how the newspaper or tabloid produce the punch line. Make sure your contents suits Adsense sysyem. Adsense will produce adds according to your contents,so write some good contents.

    If your content is about "Making money from home", you must add the word "making money from home" several times in your content. This is to make sure Adsense can produce the same adds according to your content. The more the word(s),the better. But please bear in mind, dont flood your content with the same word(s). If you flood your content with over-done repeated word(s), Adsense will gave out some weird result thus making your targeted adds out of track.

    Use Adsense Preview Tool to make sure the right adds will be serve according to your contents. This tool is great to monitor what is wrong with your content. Edit your content until the right adds comes out nicely. This tool only works with IE browser only.

    This is far more important than making a fancy website. The more traffic, the better your Adsense income will be. Try to promote your website in the major search engines. Most of the traffic comes from search engines, so get busy promoting your great contents. I've already wrote some short tip about promoting your website. Promoting using search engines normally take about 2-3 weeks before your site landed in their list. Page ranking is important in promoting. The higher your rank, most likely, more traffic. A good place to start is DMOZ, Google,Yahoo and MSN.

    Get another great tool from Google that will tell you where your site ranks. Using Google PageRank can greatly tells you about your ranking. Take Joel Comm for example, i strongly suspect that his website generates millions of traffic per day. No wonder he made $500 per day. Joel Comm also produce an eBook on "how-to" about Adsense but i do believe most of the info already been explained in my tips.

    Put a signature in your email pointing to your site. Publish some articles in forums or newsletters. Print you website on letters or bussiness cards. Print a bumper stickers and gave it to friends. Get wild...get crazy...there's no limit on how to expose your contents.

    Bottom Line
    Get wild with your content(s) and layout. Try different layout,contents,colours and position for a week or two. Don't forget to use Adsense Channel to track down which page(s) generates the most interest. Use the eye mapping method to suit your layout of Adsense. Get those words out.....promote your site. Take a quick look below to make your site known and your Adsense can generates income for you.

    Traffic+Contents+Layout+Adsense Clicks = Income

    This is not a rocket-scientist formula to figure out. Simple yet it takes hard work and time. Don't worry, you'll be there.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 1:05 PM  
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