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    Sunday, June 19, 2005
    Stand up comedy
    Bill Cosby is geat man. I always listen to his stand ups. Mr.Cosby can make you laugh for hours just by listening to his jokes. I always bring along my headphone to my office. I plug it to my PC and fire up Yahoo LaunchCast. My first choice is Yahoo's "stand up comedy" channel. Having a good laugh listening to Bill Cosby seems like a drug to me. No,really, when listening to Bill Cosby im laughing while doing my work.

    Remember the Cosby Show? I really hope someone could release that show in VCD or DVD. I don't about you who are living in the US, but here in Malaysia, i just couldn't find that show. The one i like about Bill Cosby stand up comedy is about the "adult show". Do you know that Bill Cosby a big jazz fan? And he can sing too. Wow,what a talented guy he is. The way Bill Cosby make you laugh is using simple situation,you know, the ordinary stuff. But the way he execute the jokes is so smooth.

    posted by Jamloceng @ 1:52 PM  
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