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    Friday, June 17, 2005
    New job?
    Our economy is not in the best situation. People got fired from their job because their company decided to cut their losses. As a senior civil engineer designer, im facing with this big issue. No projects for 2005 and our boss already told us about this. All of us are shocked with this news. Most of consultant firm in KL already firing their staff same goes for architecht firms. All those reports saying that Malaysian economy getting stronger is not 100% true. Yes for some sector showing great growht but for construction sector,we are facing a horror news. Our government is not releasing any project and that means "no job" for us.

    As stated in our newspaper, about 10,000 class F contractor are facing downturn in Penang alone. This indicates that all the top chain also facing the same problem. Below is the diagram of the chain :

    Client/Government --> Architechts --> Engineers ---> Contractors

    So, am i gonna find another job? How can i,everybody is firing staff. Should i go for something that is not related to me? That is the only option in the list. Maybe this is the best time for me to involve serioulsly in internet marketing. Or maybe turning to my old passion,graphic design. I can't made up my mind yet. A new born is expected in 2 months, re-finance my home, my father's major heart operation and others. But as my father always told me, "do not get worried for something that you already brave and go ahead". Yup,he's right...there's no need to worry about all this. Prepare for the worse ( or worst ) and get your gear ready.

    For me,there's always a solution for eveything and i truely believe theres a "hidden" message from God. Maybe God decided that i should take another path of life to remain close to Him. Well,no need to cry because i know that God is fair to everybody. I'll turn all my problems to Him because He can guide me to better place. I know that God will listen to me and that alone makes me feel secured. This reminds me of my own experience.

    Staying at "asrama" away from home to futher my study is something that i can't forget. Without any loans from the Ministry Of Education was a pain in the neck back then. My father gave me a monthly money about RM200. After paying all the fees and getting some books, i was left with RM15 in my hand. That is not even enough for my medical expenses ( i had an bone infection and still taking the medicine ) and im ellergic to eggs. Then i turn all my problem to God and miracles do happened. A "pakcik" offers me to cut his lawn and willing to pay me RM30. So i did. I went to his house and unpack my stuff. At that time my "asrama" serves breakfast at 8 in the morning but i can't wait any longer. I made a promised to that pakcik i'll be at his home at 8 in the morning. So, after my morning prayer, i walked about 5km to his house. Imagine walking at 6.30 in the morning for 5km without any meal.

    Once i arrived at "pakcik's" house, im totally hungry. Unpack my stuff and straight away begin to cut his grass. I said to myself, "God,your servent is hungry and hoping for some food after this". At 8.30 in the morning, that pakcik called me for a fresh "fried noodles" and hot coffe. At that time my tears started to flow slowly. Pakcik asked me why am i crying? I said a grass flew into my eyes to cover my true feeling. I knew God heard my prayer. Since that day, i never worried about anything for no good reason.

    The same situation im facing now and i know God is protecting His servent. So readers,why must you worry about not getting an extra cash? Why must you worry about not wearing "Versace's" jeans? Why must you worry so much? Enjoy your life and expend your view. Don't forget to thank God daily,say thank you to your parents,family and friends. Like Elton John's song, "sorry seems to be the hardest word" only applied to a person that ant say thank you to God will said that. I like to take this oppurtuniti to thank all. My thanks goes to :

    1. All my friends. ( Haidi,Haidir,Mat,Sham,Azham,Anuar, Lanzerd,Zam,Sham Teddy-bear,elizz and all at svoa's forum and to all my friends who are not in the list please remember, you will always in my heart )
    2. All my family ( Kak Ina and my brother in-law, Abang and my sister in-law, all my pakcik and makcik )
    3. My wife ( Thank you for being beside me in my ups and down and for understanding my craze for music,art,computer and books )
    4. My parents ( No words that i can think,not now and not in the future just thank you )
    5. All my cats ( Arwah Apek,Aboo,Makcik,Tembang,Ombak,Acheh, Snowy, Nami,Friskies,Tuning,Etot,Bulat,Bobo)

    posted by Jamloceng @ 2:35 PM  
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