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    Tuesday, June 14, 2005
    Music,MP3 and Billboard.
    Music is a global language for any human. Music in Africa is deffirent from Asian music but still,it's music. According to the culcute and current knowledge. Music do evolve from time to time. From the stone-aged to the Beetles and now,Britney Spears. Music is getting bigger every single day. Rock,pop,punk or blues...any music is getting a bang. Music can change our own culcute just like what the Egyptian,Greeks or Chinnesse ringht up to the Indian music.

    Music being pass down from their parents and their children will pass down to their children and so on. Take the Apache music for example. There was no written text aabout their music,yet the music still can be heard. In Malaysia,our grandfather never wrote a text about music. Traditional music and dances is the main root in the old days. They trained their siblings to master the art of the music. At that time music can only be learned by chosing children that was given a highest repect from the King.

    Now music is something that can be heard almost everywhere...even in the public toilet where they put-up a radio. Kinda funny tho...doing nature bussiness and listening to Britney Spears. Talk about Britney Spears,she was great at the start but now seems to be her album just wot capture the listeners. Just maybe if Britney kept her "nice-lil-virgin" girl,she can't go beyond the moon. I dont know...just my opinion. Britney can pick any image she like. Her first hit was "Hit me more time" and that was a big hit back then. Everybody was trying to be like Britney Spears,from her hair style,her pink T-shirt and her "ponny-tail".

    Then came along this great R&B singer by the name of Alicia Keys. Alicia got a very nice voice and hitting all the top charts allover the world. I really love Alicia's song by the title "Falling". Her voice is just right for that kinda song. The song that got high and low keys is a nightmare for some but for Alicia,that's not a problem. Chart-toppers for months with her single from the US down to our shore,Malaysia. Alicia's voice is kinda match with the sound of the grand piano. All the notes were at the best and the music just wanna make you smile and jump.

    Internet for some is heaven but tell that to Metallica. Metallica hit the big spotlight when they sued Napster. As we all know Napster is a file sharing portal that serves free mp3. Metalliica sued Napster and asked them to stop giving free mp3. Millions of song swapping freely without paying any fee to the artist. Using the internet,music can be downloaded to your hard drive in seconds with paying a dime to the artis. Just image a 40G hard drive loaded with free mp3 and how much is the cost to download all the mp3? For a Streamyx user in Malaysia, that would be RM88 per month.

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