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    Friday, June 10, 2005
    Going for a holiday
    "A long nice holiday would be good" That was my friend told me one day. He always wanted to go to Paris for a vacation. Well, actually he wanted to go to Louve Art Museum. If you eager to take a tour down the memory lane of Mona Lisa,this is the place. If you an art lover,than pack your bags and buy some good plane tickets and off to Paris.

    One day my friend decided to go there on his own. That is not a big surprise for me because i know this guy for years. He went to Pakistan for 2 months, Canada for 1 week...all that going solo. So this guy asked me last week where to get a nice cheap hotel in Paris. I told him that i never been to Paris ( been to Parit Buntar ) but i can give a link to book a nice cheap hotel. So i gave him AccomLine for a try. The funny part is,this dude never knew that he can book hotel room using the internet. "Is it safe" he asked. "You can always consult your credit card provider if they turn out to be a scam".

    Then i gave him another service provider called RatesToGo so he can compare the price. All this was happening last week. Since then, i never heard from him. Maybe he's already in the plane. Good luck my friend...let the vacation of yours remains sweet. For me, im still looking forward to go to Louve or maybe to any old castle like in Scotland. My boss just came back from his Europe Tour with his family and as usuall,more keychains...( like i really need that). I need a long vacation..away from job...away from stress...away from my typical-sitting-infront-of-PC life.

    BTW, i still need a donation from you,my readers. If you can fork-out couple of dollar or ringgit,feel free to do so. You can always use a secured layer from PayPal. Your donation is a bridge to our friendship and i do hold it tight in my heart.
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