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    Saturday, June 11, 2005
    Can we make money from internet?
    Internet user in Malaysia is around 2 millions. That and add up about another 30% of non-register user like in collages,cyber cafe and schools. So do you want to make an extra money ( around USD200 per month ) by using your internet? Well let me tell you how i make that extra money from this blog. Yup,you heard it right...just from using your blog. No need to setup a fancy .COM to gain some extra income.

    Before i go in details,let me remind you that internet is a "money machine". In 3 months,this blog already generates some income for me. Im looking forward to see more interest in the coming month. First you must setup an internet account. Personally i use PayPal and GreenZap for my online money deals. PayPal is a well known company that handles,Yahoo Auctions and many more. Setup an escrow is important to gain trust for your readers. You can sign-up PayPal for free and you can watch your blog gainning incomes for you. Click here to sign-up for PayPal.

    The other escrow that handles online payment is They will pay you USD 25 just for signing up with them. about easy money. Greenzap also handles eBay,Yahoo Auction and more. You can do the same thing like PayPal but GreenZap is easier and fast when it comes to paying their members. Get Greenzap while the offer ( USD25 ) still valid by clicking here.

    StormPay is another secure layer for online money transaction. Another close rival to Paypal in auction bussiness. With easy to use function and fast payment,this is the thing you must have. If you're into online bussiness selling high-priced goods,signup with StormPay and your customers will flood your account in days.

    + Note : Major company only prefer to pay you using PayPal ,StormPay and Greenzap only.

    Now we go to the best part. 2 things that you must do to generate income from your blog. The most important thing is promoting your blog. You can promote your blog from any forum that you jjoined,emails or by search engines. Im sure you know how to use emails and forum right.? Sure you do....send your emails to your friends,family or even your enemy. Search engines normally provides a service for you to promote your blog for free. Take Google for example,they provide a great search engine to millions of user. Imagine that for a change....not only you generate money from Malaysian users but also from other countries. Try using different search engines to promote your "money making" blog.

    Put your "money-making" blog to your bussiness card. People can't give you money if they dont know how and where. Print a T-shirt with your "money-making" blog on it or be creative and send a birthday card with your blog on it.

    Why not you make a "mobile-adds" for you "money-making" blog. Print a bumper sticker and stick it to your car. Come on,in Kuala Lumpur alone 2 million road users will read your bumper sticker. Print it like this "Want to make money for free? Log to".

    Now the most important thing in making money from your blog is Google Adsense. Again,Google is the most powerful search engine in the world. Just put some adds into your blog and watch your income rolling like crazy. For 3 days, my incomes starts to explode like crazy. Im not allowed to state my income ( agreement with Adsense ) but in a month i can buy a new Nokia 9300!! Adsense is fully customized to your "money-making" blog.

    Well,dont just take my words...try it and you will be happy as a bunny. Put Adsense and blog as usuall but at the same time generates money. Ok,let us refresh about this great "money making" blog tips.

    1. Signup to PayPal ,StormPay and Greenzap.
    2. Promote your "money-making" blog.
    3. Signup to Adsense.

    Another way of making money using internet is by using "Pay-To-Surf" method. When you surf the internet,nobody is paying you. So,that is not a good thing when it comes to making money. Nowdays,broadband is the new hype in Malaysia and why not taking advantage of it. Pay-To-Surf is easy. All you have to do is.....well, do nothing. Yeah..i know you'll point your finger at me but tell me,what's wrong being paid for doing nothing? Now i got your interest.

    For me the best "Pay-To-Surf" are :
    1. StudioTraffic . - They will give you USD10 for signup.
    2. - They also give away money when you signup
    3. - They also throw away good stuff

    All above in my humble opinion are the best. Payment will be send to you on time,so no need to worry much. The best thing is,all above will bring traffic to your blog for free. Ever wonder how my blog hits the 2000++ in 2 months? . Go ahead and signup and get paid to use the internet. Leave your computer overnight and in the morning collect your cash. Come on,your streamyx is on the fix rate and they will pay you extra for joining them. The longer you wait, the....well you know what i meant :D. Happy "money-making" surfers.

    The other method that can generates income is "Pay-To-Read-Email". At first i thought that this must be a scam. Well after i tried a service,then i knew that this is easy. Im talking about The best thing is,they gave me USD5 just to sign-up. Not just that most of the email they send costs about USD1. Before this,nobody get money to receive email,but now im looking at my "inbox" with joy. If you complete a survey,the highest payout is USD40++ and it took about 1 minute to complete. Click here to start making money from reading emails.

    If you feels that this info gonna make you happy,please donate to me at any amount. Again,im still trying to setup a proper internet server so that i can provide you with more great tips,reviews and stuff. Your kind donation will be use to setup this server. Thank you. Please re-visit my blog for new tips and update about how to make money from blogs.

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