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    Wednesday, June 15, 2005
    Can we make money from internet (Part 3)
    Getting on the top place from any Search Engines.

    To get on top of any search engines,one must give a hard promotion. Promoting your blog is not an easy task and it takes almost 2 weeks to promote to more than 300++ popular search engine ( Google,MSN,Yahoo,local country listing ). So why must we promote our "money-making" website? For me the most important thing is Traffic. The more visitors,the more popular your site. Getting a massive traffic is not an easy task for average joe's.

    Before executing any promotional task,you must know how many traffic you need. The reason you need to know this is because, some server-hosting set a limit per month for your bandwidth. Depending on your host, some host allow you to add more bandwidth by upgrading your account. So, do you know how many traffic would you like to see? 10 user,100 user,10000 user or millions? You decide.

    Im taking about how much time it takes to promote your site earlier. Time is so important to make sure your site sitting on the top spot before your rival does. I'll give you 2 option to choose from :

    1. The Hard way
    2. The Fast and Easy way

    The Hard Way

    The hard way will take about 2 weeks, 1 hour a day and 7 days a week to promote your product. Are you ready to take the long and hard way? Ok then, here we go. Most search engines provide a function for you to submit your site. Take Google for example,they will list your site and you are expected to wait for 1 week before they put it in their database. Now imagine just submitting to one search engine took 1 whole week ( at least ) to be listed,imagine submitting to more than 300++ popular search engines! If i am you,im not gonna give my rival my first spot.

    Try doing a search regarding submitting your URL in major search engine and put your stopwatch beside you to see how long it takes to submit your site. Please remember,most search engine requires you to provide a "real-email" for comfirmation task. Now take your stopwatch and time how long your email hits your "inbox" and how long it takes to fill out the form. It's ok if it took ages to reach your "inbox" if you got nothing else to do, but for serious webmaster,that means "no traffic for me". Enough about the hard way method, you can try using Google by clicking here.

    The Fast and Easy Way

    The easy way to get web traffic is by using WEBCEO. It is free tool that stands above other tool in the market. Submitting your URL to more than 300 search engine just in 3 clicks. What does that means to a serious webmaster? Yes,you're right,millions of web traffic for free. You can target directly to your potential clients or readers. WebCEO is so easy to use and fast too. The interface is well placed and easy to understand. With WebCEO you can see your site ranking, keyword demands,page checking and much more. You can set to "spy" your rival promotional campaign. Why do you want to spy your cempetitors? Because you don't want them to hit the top spot in the major search engines and gain all the traffic. You worked hard for your site,all those time and coffe-drinking-at-night and missing your only child baseball game,don't you think you deserve to gain millions of web traffic? Well, i was in your "shoe" before this and boy,what a mistake. Click here if you wanted to get the freeware.

    So,do you still using the hard way of are you thinking of installing this freeware to gain more traffic? This great WebCEO contains almost all of the "professional shareware" that do the same thing. No need to use high-priced shareware just to promote to 100++ search engines. Point your browser here to see what others said about this great tool.

    Well, if you decided to gain more traffic to your site,why not trying their Pro Version. Now you can seriously generates traffic and gaining more visitors. About 10 millions "potential" clients and reader out there waiting for you to invite them. For me,the Pro Version is so cheap compared to the traffic it will give you in minutes. Maybe i should tell WebCEO to put a higher tag nest month....nahhh....just kidding. Pro Version of WebCEO contains more option and super-friendly interface. Now you can set a schedule to promote your site and enjoy more traffic and more time with family and friends...i know i did.

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