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    Tuesday, June 14, 2005
    Can we make money from the Internet? ( Part 2 )
    The answer still YES! Promotion is so vital in internet bussiness,companies are willing to pay you just to read their promotion and adds. As i type this blog, i've already made USD1,900.00 just by reading emails and looking at the adds. Is it that simple? Yes and no. YES because you dont have to do anything and NO because you have to read emails for them (is that so hard? ). I know you will call me a lier but thats ok because im the one who makes all the money and you are the one left behind. Still don't believe me? Take a look at the snapshot.

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    EmailsEmp. This is the company that will pay you to read emails. The emails price ranging from USD10 and the highest is USD1000!! Reading emails is not that hard for a 10 minutes internet connection. Make sure your email account is not full or your "USD100 email" will fly away. Please make sure your email account DO NOT detect any emails as spam. Follow all the instruction carefully and enter all the details needed. One more thing, please DO NOT cheat or your account will be deleted. After registering with EmailsEmp, check you email for an activation instruction. Registration is a "one-time" only and it will last forever. By the way,once you have registered with EmailsEmp,you will get USD2000. No,that was no a read it right.

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