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    Thursday, June 30, 2005
    Browser war
    Browser is the main tool for viewing any website. Nowdays, browser seems to be more smarter with multimedia support, add blocking and others. All this just to suits their user and for faster rendering.

    Some browser maker claims their browser is the fastest on the planet. Personally, nothing can beat Lynx. Lynx is a "text-based" browser making it the fastest on the planet. Go ahead, try Lynx if you are still on 14K modem. LOL

    Note: Lynx runs on Unix,VMS,Win95/98/NT with the most minimum requirement.

    An Open Source browser that overtake other popular browser is FireFox. With all plug-in available, FireFox is considered as a secure browser. FireFox also holds "extension" with varies function. Super-fast rendering engine and small in size is great for dial-up users.

    Note: Extension or plug-in for some, is great for extra function. FireFox is a great product from Mozilla engine.

    Netscape is another great browser. Considered as the big brother to FireFox, Netscape contains more added feature. Fast and rich in support is the big advantage for this "fast grandpa". Netscape is using the same engine as FireFox, that is Mozilla Engine.

    Safari is made for MacOS users. Apple claims that their browser is much more faster than IE. Running Safari on my emulated MacOS seems to give a fair deal. Maybe it is faster running on "real" MacOS, you decide. With "smart parental control", Safari is load with security and privacy.

    Opera is famous with their mouse gesture to make browsing much more easier. Skin supported browser gives you the eyecandy that suits you. Small in size but big in features, what makes Opera stands high. If you looking for stable and secure browser, get Opera. Forget about IE or Netscape and use Opera instead for your browsing craze.

    So, if you are looking for a simple yet powerfull browser, get FireFox. It is more than enough for a normal surfers. But if you are looking for a full jammed-packed feature, go for Opera.

    Get Firefox! Get Opera

    posted by Jamloceng @ 12:47 PM  
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