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    Wednesday, June 29, 2005
    Black magic
    Lately it's getting worst. I know somebody cast a black magic spell on me and my wife. It started before our wedding day. Then at our wedding day things got bad. I had a bad fever for sudden. That night, i saw a shadow in our room. I know something is in our bedroom. I read Surah Qursi ( a chapter from Al-Quran ) and a prayer that was read by Nabi Sulaiman.

    I saw the shadow flew up and dissaper in thin air. Well, you might not believe me, but that's ok with me. We are not alone in this world tho.

    The next morning,my wife told me that im talking in my sleep. She said that im angry at someone and asked somebody to stay away from my wife. Yup, that "thing" is in my sleep. About a week ago, my wife saw a women in white walking pass the door. Then a frog was found on our bed. Our room is locked and no windows were opened. now,how can a frog be there? I tried to catch the frog and it jumped under my books cabinet. Guess what, i can't find it.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 11:30 AM  
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