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    Wednesday, June 08, 2005
    Back from the cold ice of silent
    Not much happening lately. Haven't had a clue what to write. Still waiting for a proper server to be setup handling unlimited bandwidth connection. My Linkshare has been dropped for no reason....and they still not replying. So,if you clicked on my Linkshare sponsors,they won't work....darn. No sponsor and no donation from readers.

    Im working in this big project of mine regarding website issues. But,still, i can't tell when will it be release to the public. Regarding the server, im facing with hardware problem and the replacement was supposed to be on my door steps weeks ago. Well im talking about my "mini server" pounding the hell out from my home. Man, i really need a proper server to run my project. Running a "home" server on old PC running susE Linux is not "just right" for my project...too slow for a massive bandwidth.

    Errmm....helped Reen with her trojan thinggy :D. Not a big problem for user like me but for the "avarage joe's",that was hell going on a free bus ticket. Sometimes i just "love" virus.Why? Because i just love the challange to understand the virus. Re-code it again and disable it is fun thing to do....and no i do not provide any tutorial regarding virus writting. Learn how to code first. If these kiddies can't wrote a simple PASCAL,then no point writting a virus. BTW, don't write a virus just to make your friends afraid of you. If you can write a virus,why not write something thats gonna make our life better. Why not write a new "killer app" before this year ends.

    Haven't chat with Lizz for months. I do really like to chat with her just for 10 minutes. Well,she's busy with her job and study and im truly understand that. Darn....really hope that a nice chat would be great for a change.

    A dear friend from this forum IM me asking about his GMail. Sorry dude, this server has gone wild. Overloaded with bandwidth. Ombak,check your email to activate your GMail. Talk about forum, it seems to be "slow". Not much intereisting post there. Im trying to "entertaine" members with varies post but seems not at the best cup of tea. New user keeps opening new topic for no good reason. "Hi,nama saya bla bla bla" and they thought that was funny. This forum should be "rule-out" new law. Well that's not my problem because im not the Admin and GloMods in there. Im just a Mod. New law should be roll out just before any new user sign-in. Again, im not the Admin and i'll let the admin figure out this matter.

    For now, i have to keep this blog running because alot of my friends keep throwing several "molokov cocktails" at me. Cool posting, im posting LOL. For a "non-graphical" blog, 970++ hits in one month was a blast. Do i really have that much friends? LOL

    I went to my senior engineer's house to setup her streamyx....and man her PC was full of virus. 400++ virus running like a junky in her PC. It took me 3 hours to remove all the virus manually!! I can't connect to the internet to update her anti virus because all the trojan/diallers keep stealing her connection. The last time i did that was months ago when my office was strucked with a new breed virus. With help from Lizz, i managed to wipe out the virus. Luckily our server runs on Linux and no big damage was done. Back to my engineer, she kept calling me on my cells asking "cemana nak download lagu?", "cemana nak setup firewall?" things like that. As i type,she call again LOL...and this time asking me "how to block porno".

    Malaysian goverment asking users to install "anti porn" software. Me and my buddies keep on laughing. They already picked a "company" that sells this app. Well now,we are no stupid kids. One company for 2 million users in Malaysia? I don't think that's a good idea. Filtering must start from the ISP then to the users. Take a look at China,they filtered out porno and other things from their ISP. Porno filtering should be made at the first day of the launching of ISP's not after they made 2 million users. Yes filtering at user level can be made but if the ISP keep allowing porno traffic to the users,then this picture is not in the right place.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 7:44 PM  
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