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    Thursday, June 16, 2005
    Anti spyware
    Nowdays security plays an important factor while we're online. Everybody is talking about spyware and how protect their computer. What is spyware actually? Below is the meaning of spyware :

    "A general term for a program that surreptitiously monitors your actions. While they are sometimes sinister, like a remote control program used by a hacker, software companies have been known to use Spyware to gather data about customers. The practice is generally frowned upon." ~ Resource

    Spyware can be installed without you knowing of it. Using ActiveX or any web script,spyware can be running freely in your computer. Freeware software do carry a truck load of spyware that send adds to you from their adds server. Sometimes,poor coding can lead to another threat, that is "backdoor". Spyware and adware usually come in pair to your computer. Start cleaning for all those nasty spyware with several trusted tools.

    The "grand daddy" of anti spyware tool is "OptOut" from . But this tool can be considered a obselete. Steve Gibson is not running OptOut anymore and handed his idea of anti spyware to another great company. Click here to visit OptOut. Note : Steve Gibson made an amazing tool for data recovery called SpinRite. A MUST have for all user.

    So,who did Steve Gibson handed his anti spyware idea to? Lavasoft is the one that handles most spyware today. Founded in Germany in mid 90's and still receiving multiple awards every year. Giving away "freeware" of the famous anti spyware called "Ad-aware" and providing you with secure and trusted tool. For Pro Version,Lavasoft released a "deep scanning" tool with a reasonable price. If you want to protect your privacy,get this great freeware anti spyware from Lavasoft. Click here to download Ad-Aware free version. ~ Note : Lavasoft received awards from varies company,groups and computer related magazine for "The Best Software".

    Another freeware that is on the list is "SpyBot S&D". Regular update and fast scanning tool,suitable for anyone who need some extra information about spyware. Super fast remooval system and "friendly" to your old computer. Patrick M. Kolla is the backbone of this cool tool and he made other cool stuff for you to download. RegAlyzer and FileAlyzer is also free. Not like Ad-Aware, SpyBot does not have any Pro Version,so please donate at any amount of money to Patrick so he can manage his website. You can get SpyBot by clicking here. ~ Note : If you can spare some money to Patrick,please do so. Your donation is welcome.

    SpywareBlaster is not a removal tool for spyware. It is a tool that block any spyware before it hits your computer. Combine this tool with SpyBot S&D and Ad-Aware,and you get a safe compputer. Again this tool is freeware but don't let the word "freeware" fools you. This tool is for a total protection. JavaCool Software is the maker of SpywareBlaster. Just like SpyBot,SpywareBlaster also a "donateware" tool. You can always donate to them at their website or by clicking here. ~ Note : Always update your SpywareBlaster for maximum protection.

    How can we forget Uncle Bill. Yup, Mircrosoft decided that "security" will be their main goal from now on. So,they decided to make their own anti spyware for free. This anti spyware is still in beta,so please be carefull running any BETA version software. Im not gonna review much about Microsoft anti spyware because of its beta level,but if you want to try this beta version, you are free to click here.

    All these great tools are made for ensuring your security and pricavy level at the best. Don't forget to update any tools after you have installed it. Happy surfing readers and be safe.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 7:54 PM  
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