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    Wednesday, June 15, 2005
    Am i addicted to bl00ooog?
    I dont hink that im hook to blogging but im hook to the coding. Im not a pro programmer but,yes i do make my own software. Compiling varies computer language such as PASCAL,Delphi,VB,C,C++,ASM,Java,LSP and much more. Making software using vaaries computer language is kinda fun for me. Running different Operating System on my old PC is a big advantage for me when it comes to programming. Im running SusE Linux, FreeBSD and Winn98. I tried once emulate MacOS on my old PC but seems to slow on this "grandpa".

    To tell you the truth, im not a programmer but a senior civil engineer designer. I like to try varies computer language for LISP purpose on AutoCAD. Some do work but normally not in the stable level. Once, i have to re-installed AutoCAD because screwed some core of AutoCAD. Yet, i enjoyed doing it. Making all those private-use software was a great challange for me. I've made tools for sending fake emails,simple anti-virus ( detecting around 300+ virus ), keylogger, remote control tools, IRC client, internet server, simple debugger for Intel chipset and Motorola and more.

    Computer language is getting faster and complex ( for a newbies ). For Visual Basic, im not a big fan of VB. I prefer to use Delphi for far more complex coding structure. It's true what people said about Delphi " It'll make simple things simpler and complex things even simple". Right now im looking at computer language from different view. Before this coding Socket Protocol is quite simple for HTTP,HTTPS,FTP and Telnet Protocol but now TCP/IP has changed alot. VoIP is a new field for me. My company also involve in making VoIP telephony service using SusE as the mainframe. We have relay server all around the world such as in UK,US,New Zealand,Singapore,Thailand and Malaysia ( KL,Kuantan,Ipoh ). Well i guess VoIP is not my passion because i have to re-study everything thus making my time not in the gap of pleasure. Well you know,managing all the civil engineer design and all that.

    Enuff said,im heading to bead. Good night my readers.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 12:48 AM  
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