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    Friday, October 20, 2006
    Eid Fitri in here again.
    Next week will be the biggest day for Muslims allover the world. The day we celebrate and enjoy after a month of fasting.

    Last year, my wife, Husna and me celebrated Eid Fitri at Nilai, Negeri Sembilan. That was my father's hometown and boy we had great time. This year, it's my wife's turn to celebrate Eid Fitri at her hometown which is in Sungai Lembing, Pahang.

    This will be our second time celebrating Eid Fitri together and we have our own "baju raya" theme, that is light yellow! Yeahh....can't wait to see Husna wearing her new baju kurung and tudung.

    So, before i'm off to Sungai Lembing, i would like to say hello to my new friend Lan Bye (ex-Sil-Khannaz drummer) and his wife. To members of and to all my readers who kept on asking me to blog since day one.

    Again, thank you to all who have donated to me. Feel free to donate to me using my StormPay account.

    Lastly to Emyliza, please do contact me or at least buy me a PlayStation 2 :P.
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    Silicon Art; Can you find em?

    Saw this report about silicon art on tv last night or so. Really interesting to watch to show and the silicon art. Some silicon are smaller then your hair! How do they make those silicon art? Chipworks explained it nicely.

    Kermit is one of the silicon art taken from
    ADI ADSP-2176 DSP. To be honest, silicon art is not allowed. It is like looking at wet cement and the first thing you want to do is, craft your own name.

    The creator of the silicon art is making some statement about his work. Some just want to have fun with their circuit.
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    Sunday, October 01, 2006
    How do i defrag Linux?
    Long story short, you don't need to defrag your Linux. It got to do with NTFS part. Unlike Windows, Linux have a really nice data management in terms of hard disk. But if still want to know more, read a nice article from GeekBlog.

    Headache? Well, it takes some time to understand to whole process. But if you're new to Linux, just have fun with your Linux without reading the article.

    Yesterday, i received another package from a new Linux distro. When i looked up in the internet, i can't find any info about the distro. Must be REALLY new eh? The distro goes by the name of UniNux. From the inlay, they said it is Linux with more Unix command. Correct me if i'm wrong, will i see more command-line from this distro?

    I'll test this disro once i have time. Have fun

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